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Aneen Kritzinger

Aneen Kritzinger was born in a small town in the Eastern Cape called Dordrecht. This is where her amazing journey with the IsiXhosa language started! - learning to speak IsiXhosa fluently as well as respecting and appreciating the IsiXhosa culture, rituals and customs. This also lead to her further studies at the University of Stellenbosch qualifying with a B.A. HONS. in African Languages (IsiXhosa) as well as a diploma in higher education. The teaching of IsiXhosa (First Additional as well as Second Additional Language) at school level and the development of material is what she kept busy with. She has recently developed a Beginners Course (the ‘Molo Unjani Course for beginners’) not only teaching students (mainly adults) how to speak a basic IsiXhosa but also how to appreciate and respect the IsiXhosa culture.
Aneen is currently a teacher at Bishops, Cape Town.

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